Microsoft Word 2011

Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac 14.4.1

Der Download ist nicht länger verfügbar. Das Programm ist entweder nicht länger verfügbar oder der Download ist aus Sicherheitsgründen oder aus einem anderen Grund deaktiviert. Sie können diese Alternativen herunterladen:

Microsoft Word better than ever for Mac


  • Much better OS X integration
  • Integration with SkyDrive and SharePoint
  • Lots of new and interesting templates
  • Ribbon and Spotlight integration
  • Document sharing and colloboration much improved
  • Full screen mode looks great


  • Doesn't support 64-bit


Der Download der Software ist nicht mehr verfügbar. Als Alternative bietet sich Office für Mac 2016 an.

With Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac, Microsoft have certainly stepped-up a gear with a slick, redesigned interface and user friendly collaboration tools.

Microsoft Word 2011 is a component of Microsoft Office 2011, which has been significantly improved for Macs from the 2008 version. In Microsoft Word 2011, the toolbar has been vastly improved and is far more practical thanks to the Ribbon interface inspired by the Windows version. As a result, you now have different sets of tools depending on different types of document that you're working on.

Microsoft Word 2011 makes much greater use of screen real estate too. By using the Ribbon, you can view documents in glorious full screen mode which really makes your documents look great and focuses you on the document rather than the toolbars surrounding it. Also in Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac, Microsoft have added support for SharePoint. This allows Mac users to connect to Microsoft's Sharepoint servers directly and collaborate on documents in realtime.

Microsoft Word 2011 and the entire Office suite have been through some major changes over the past 3 years and it now finally feels like a real OS X product.

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